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Ask Abbey   20. Cebu. “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” – B.B. King
I just want to thank pasta for being a part of my life
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"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
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Video game store makes the most of their broken shutters. 

Video game store makes the most of their broken shutters. 

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i was told….

customers who wanna start some shit  (via suspend)

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@ Starbucks

me: hot chocolate, please.

barista: oh it’s perfect for a day like this isn’t it?

me: yes =)

barista: not a coffee drinker are you?

me: try something difference.

[3 minutes later]

barista: tall hot chocolate! have a great day.

me: thank you.


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she’s getting stronger


she’s getting stronger

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I am literally both of them at the same time

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i do bad things because i listen to music with swears 

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I laughed so hard no sound came out

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how to be an adult

im sad this was so short because he was about to go so hard

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